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Professional Cleaning2

Cleaning a busy commercial building can be highly stressful. When faced with such a stressful task, you want a trusted professional at your side to assist you—a commercial cleaning contractor who is highly trained in the profession. AMAVA Janitorial meets and exceeds these needs.
We are “Your Partner in Professional Facility Maintenance.”

We are a leading provider of first-rate cleaning solutions to Fortune 500 companies, corporate plazas, corporate offices, schools, restaurants and small business premises. Office cleaning and other types of commercial cleaning are our specialty.

At AMAVA Janitorial, we know that every business is unique; to us, no two businesses are exactly alike.  We will visit your building, assess it, and come up with a customized and affordable solution tailored to meet your cleaning needs. Our office service includes general cleaning, such as carpet cleaning and window cleaning, as well as specialist cleaning, such as computer and IT equipment cleaning.

We offer daytime, nightly, and Complete 24 hour service cleaning packages to our clients.